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Analyze E-commerce Marketplace Product Reviews

Lavazza and Nespresso product pictures for analyzing e-commerce marketplace reviews

Analyze E-commerce Marketplace Product Reviews

Italian brand Lavazza and Swiss brand Nespresso are among the leading coffee machine brands in the world today. Consumers absolutely love these brands. As coffee has become a daily routine, consumers are more eager than ever to have practical coffee machines in their homes and offices. In this newsletter, we analyze the product experience through the eyes of online shoppers using Pivony.

Considering that 90% of online shoppers read online reviews and 83% of them are influenced by online reviews in their purchasing decisions, we can say that online reviews are a gold mine worth.

Both machines seem to have very similar prices and customer ratings, but there's much more than that when we analyze the Amazon product reviews with Pivony.

Here, we are curious to find out:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each product?
  • What makes these products unique, and what is the main motivation for online shoppers to choose one brand over another?

We believe that any player in the retail industry can use similar insights to

  • Build better products
  • Retain their customers
  • Launch more precisely targeted marketing campaigns

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E-Commerce Product Review Analysis Dashboard Creation

Now we can take a short coffee break. Our dashboards will be available in less than 30 minutes ☕

The overall sentiment score seems very close; however, Nespresso users are complaining 7 percentage points more than Lavazza users. Let's check out the AI conversation patterns analysis of Pivony.

Nespresso Customers' Key Conversation Analysis Results

AI-Generated Topics

Visit Nespresso Dashboard

Water leakage, Packaging, and Customer service are the factors that reduce the Nespresso Customers' Experience the most. On the other side, customers love the Milk frothing functionality, and it's the key decision factor in purchasing the product. Some users say that it's a perfect gift for their wives, husbands, or their sons.
We were able to get these insights in less than 30 minutes without any initial setup or manual reading.

Lavazza Customers' Key Conversation Analysis Results

Visit Lavazza Dashboard

Not being able to buy Lavazza capsules in supermarkets and the Customer service are the factors that reduce the Lavazza Customer Experience the most. On the other hand, customers are very satisfied that they can have many different coffee capsule alternatives.

Beyond understanding: Measuring the Impact


  • Although the Nespresso coffee maker has a large number of complaints about the water tank leakage, the additional milk frother is still a deciding factor when choosing a coffee maker.
  • For the Lavazza coffee maker, increasing the availability of capsules in supermarkets and producing smaller packages may prompt more people to switch to Lavazza since this is a recurring complaint about the machine.
  • Some users report experiencing water pressure problems with the Lavazza coffee maker, which, if not fixed, may damage future sales.

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