A Deeper Consumer Understanding is Needed More Than Ever

Customer habits, even the customers themselves, began to change more unexpectedly than ever before. This is why we launched Pivony when the pandemic hit the world. Here's some information about us.

About Us

What's the mission
behind Pivony?

According to the research held by Capgemini, 75% of companies think they're customer-centric, but only 30% of consumers agree. The difference of 45% is called as "Empathy Gap". As Pivony, we help companies close this gap by better understanding of consumers.

Meet Our Founders


Co-founder and Ceo

Emre launched Pivony after his decent research in Computational Social Science field. After analyzing Brexit Referendum over 50+ millions of tweets and also interpreting US Radio Discourse using Deep Neural algorithms, he saw the necessity of building a self-service deep technology product for Business Professionals. He was a part of many organizations including Accenture, Vodafone, MyanDigi, Polytechnic University of Milan, MIT Media Lab. He holds 12 granted patents and published 7 international papers.


co-founder and cto

Rihab joined Pivony as Data Scientist after her work at Natural Language Understanding. Empowering Pivony platform with a variety of features and deep technologies, she has quickly became the Tech Woman behind the award-winning Pivony platform. "There is nothing impossible" is her mindset. She was a part of many organizations including Sofia, Ciblo and Ensi.

Meet Our Investor

Europe's Top B2B SaaS Accelerator

Pre-Seed Investment  while Pivony was Income stage in April 2021

A glimpse from our meeting with our lovely team!

Advisory Board



Has 10+ years of experience in VC and startup investments. He is currently leading D4 Ventures.



Has 20+ years of experience in Customer Experience. He is currently the CCO of Karaca.



Has a diverse knowledge in Startup and Commercial Law. She is currently leading DEMIR&DEMIR Law Firm.


Our Mission that hold us true and to account

No Manual Efforts

Using AI effectively, Pivony users can focus on their business rather than tons of manual efforts.

Continuous Insights

Understanding consumers is a never-ending task. We would like to make the most precise and niche insights available to marketing professionals.

Democratization of Insights

We're the top notch SaaS Product. We prefer building an instantly available self-service no-code platform instead of giving consultancy.

Continuous Innovation

We're moving fast and improving every day, which means we're constantly bringing new features to enrich your Pivony experience.

We’re always hiring, don’t miss your next big opportunity

If you can’t find your job here, it doesn’t matter, we are always adding new people to our team.

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