Intuitive platform that doesn't require any prior training, technical knowledge or setup

Speed & Simplicity of Insight Creation

Insights are essential for setting business growth goals, developing strategies, and meeting the needs of your target audience based on their purchasing habits and attitudes. Let the Pivony platform generate the insights you want to gain in minutes.
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No Code Platform

No training is required to use the Pivony platform. You can create your own custom topics with simple touches on the platform, add insight notes, assign any team members and follow important insights from the view in KPI. And when you need help, Pivoyn provides you expert insight support.
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Self Service Usage

You don't need to have any AI expertise to create your dashboards. All you have to do is to check the outputs and gather insights for your business. We provide expert insight help on demand.
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Mobile Responsive Design

Screen sizes are constantly changing, so it's important that the platform you use can adapt to any screen size, today or in the future. With mobile responsive design, we optimize the experience for everyone.
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Create Key Performance Metrics

Measure the performance of customer experience through the KPI Tracking feature.
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Multiple Supported Languages

English, Turkish and Arabic are supported natively. For the rest, we enable auto-translate using Google Translate.
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Assign Team Members

Integrations with tools like Trello, Clickup, Monday, Slack will help you to get continuously updated.
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We have developed a voice-of-customer analytics platform specifically designed to help customer experience and marketing teams make data-driven decisions.

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