Key Benefits

Find out about your customer's perception of your brand, and which features they like or dislike about your product with just three clicks. Using Pivony, you can create any kind of dashboard you’d like by using consumer data.

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What can you do?

Play a significant role in consumer loyalty, customer satisfaction, advertising and product promotion effectiveness, and product acceptance.

See what affects your consumers' buying decisions

You can analyze what main factors are influencing consumer buying behavior. 

Follow after-sales performance

While promoting your product, you can use customer insights for actionable marketing ideas.

Improve your product and service quality

You can discover what people like/dislike about
your product and decide which features you want to highlight.

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What can you do?

Provide valuable insight into customers' perceptions of your brand. Pivony helps you better understand what your audience's expectations from your brand. Spot a conversation and find the best possible solutions where people are discussing problems that your product or service.

See what affects brand awareness

Take action with social media strategy & Track how well your brand positioning.

Discover what can decrease sales / Find your pain points in sales 

Improve packaging, supply chain, and product quality.

Find out where your brand stands among competitors in your industry

Using Pivony's advanced text analytics, you can find out about the features with which your competitors excel, as well as their limitations to decide the best strategy for your brand.

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The deepest insight tool available on the market

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