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Future of Mobile Apps - Babbel Case

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Future of Mobile Apps - Babbel Case

In this article, we uncover the invisible love mission of the popular language learning app Babbel. Only by the analysis of Android user feedbacks, we found that having a special membership plan for beloved couples would be a big hit for Babbel. How do we know? The answers are hidden in this article. Enjoy reading!

Babbel app is a subscription-based language learning app with over 10 million users. Since January 2008, the application offers learning services in 14 languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and Turkish. I personally used the application for 2 years for my Italian learning goals. The application is fun, interactive, but after a while you may find it repetitive. However, today we will talk about how Babbel users evaluate the application, without any bias. The easiest way to find the user feedbacks is the Google Play Store.

Pivony Social Insights

Using Pivony, it’s 3 clicks away to explore the user expectations. According to the results generated by Pivony AI Engine, there are some topics such as grammar, monetary expectations, etc. But a very specific and interesting subject has been found: Beloved Couples. It consists of keywords “husband”, “wife”, “girlfriend” and “boyfriend”. These Babbel reviews were made by women/men who are learning their beloved spouses’/lovers’ native languages with Babbel.

“Excited to speak to my French husband in his native tongue”

“I love this app it is helpful because my girlfriend is Swedish, and her family speaks only Swedish.”

“I really love the idea of learning Spanish. My wife is Hispanic, and Spanish is her first language. I'm hoping to surprise her with a conversation soon!!!”

“Learning Russian to communicate with boyfriend. This has been amazing.”

There were also people who started to learn a language just for a romantic trip with their spouses. Most of them decided to go to France for their wedding anniversary or honeymoon, and Babbel helped them to make this trip more romantique.

“Amazing!! My husband lived in France. We’re going to Europe for our 50th anniversary in a year. It’ll be nice to understand the language!”

“I'm taking my future wife to Paris for our honeymoon and this is a surprise thank you so much for this app”

Killer Ideas

Membership Plan for Couples

It took a few clicks to find a niche group “couples”. I believe that the Product, Growth or Marketing teams can benefit from Pivony to innovate within the company in a more data-driven way. We’re not marketers at Pivony, but we also had a brainstorming in the team and we came up with the idea of a Special Membership plan for Couples. Not only a plan, but also some specific app features to challenge your girlfriend or wife. It can be a game-changer for Babbel, considering the fact that it’s a highly competitive market. Too many apps, and the users have no idea which app to start with. This new idea can be used by a new player in the market for product differentiation.

Dating App that makes Language Learning Fun

Another brilliant idea is to build a Dating app where the relation begins with a fruitful language learning experience. Social Insight found by Pivony proves that people tend to pay for Language learning  apps to communicate better with their girlfriends/boyfriends. A reverse engineering idea came up to our mind why people don’t improve their language skills to match with someone. They will choose specific vocabulary decks, like jazz, camping, yoga. Like minded people can find each other so easily.

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