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The Rise of Online Furniture Shopping

The Rise of Online Furniture Shopping

The Rise of Online Furniture Shopping


The past few years have been marked by a significant shift in the way people shop, learn, and bank, and this has been largely driven by the pandemic. As a result, e-commerce has experienced unprecedented growth, and people are now shopping online for everything from groceries to furniture. E-commerce has seen a significant surge in sales volume and order numbers in Turkey, according to a recent study by Pivony, a customer voice analytics platform.

The study analyzed over 9,000 social media and e-commerce comments from Turkey's leading furniture brands and uncovered some important insights that can help businesses improve their online shopping experience. 

1 in 10 People Complains About The Difficulty of Assembling

One of the key findings of the study was that consumers often complain about the difficulty of assembling ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture.

RTA furniture is designed to be disassembled and reassembled, making it easier to ship and more affordable. While furniture brands typically include an instruction manual with their products to make the installation process easier, many consumers still struggle with putting the pieces together. According to the study, one in ten people complains about the difficulty of installation, with some citing issues such as screws not fitting in the right place or gaps not being opened wide enough.

To address this issue, consumers are calling for more information on the products they buy online, particularly on the joining parts. They suggest that marking these sections in addition to the user manual would make assembling RTA furniture much more effortless.

Missing Parts Damage Brand Reputation

Another common complaint among consumers is missing parts. The study found that consumers often share their frustration on e-commerce pages when they receive products with missing parts. While some try to find creative solutions to complete the assembly, others criticize the brand and warn other consumers not to buy from them again. This can damage a brand's reputation, which can take years to build. Therefore, it's important for companies to constantly listen to their customer's feedback and take immediate action to resolve any issues.

Price-Performance is Satisfactory

Despite these challenges, the study also found that consumers generally have a positive opinion of RTA furniture. One in four people surveyed said that they were satisfied with the variety, quality, and price performance of the products available online. This suggests that RTA furniture is seen as a viable option for those looking to furnish their homes affordably and efficiently.

As e-commerce continues to grow in the furniture industry, brands need to pay close attention to their customers' feedback to stay competitive. By analyzing their rivals more deeply and continuously improving their products and services, companies can grow faster and reach more consumers through word-of-mouth recommendations. Ultimately, the key to success in the online furniture market is to deliver high-quality products that meet consumers' needs and expectations while providing an enjoyable shopping experience.

As a result, the rise of online furniture shopping presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses. While consumers appreciate the affordability and affordability of RTA furniture, they also face difficulties with installation and missing parts. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to listen to their customers and provide comprehensive information about their products to improve the online shopping experience. With the help of tools like the Pivony Customer Intelligence Analytics Platform, businesses can conduct market research and gain valuable insights to stay ahead of the curve.

Check out the Use Case page today to learn more about how Pivony can help your business. Do not miss the opportunity to improve your customer experience and maintain your competitiveness in today's rapidly developing e-commerce environment.

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