Analyze Millions of Human Conversations in Minutes

Omni-channel Voice of Customer Analytics Platform using Neural Language Understanding in its backbone.

What can you do in less than 30 minutes?

You can find out customers' perception of your products and your brand 

Used by CUSTOMER-CENTRIC companies

Intuitive platform that doesn't require any prior training, technical knowledge or setup

conversation topics

Start capturing insights in less then 30 minutes

Thanks to our AI engine's adaptive learning feature and tailor-made dashboards, you will catch social insights that you were not aware before.

AI Patterns View

In this view, get ready to discover predicted contextual conversation groups

Fixed Categories View

You can choose a specific industry to obtain industry-specific topics

User-defined Categories

You can create custom topics at anytime after your dashboard is created and define KPIs to track.

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The most useful in-depth insight analysis tool I've ever used

Selin Ergin
VP of Data&Insights at Youthworks

If you don't get your segmentation right it can cost you dearly and you will scratch your head endlessly figuring out why your audience doesn't respond to your shiny new website and product.

Linda McDonald
Head of Marketing, Marketing Agency

Mobile Responsive Design, Use Anytime Anywhere

Create your dashboards on your mobile, tablet and browse all analytics reports in your mobile browser. With Pivony, finding insights will become your habit, anywhere at anytime.

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Fetch Consumer Reviews from Multiple Data Sources

From Insights Discovery to Action-Taking


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