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Customer Experience, Brand Reputation Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Market Research and Campaign Strategy.


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Maximize the impact of your customer data by getting insights through self service usage platform.

Use Customers Data To Drive Growth

  • Create a dashboard with preferred data source
  • See overview of your analyzed data
  • Ensure data continuity with dynamic dashboards

Detect Trends & Observe Anomalies With Topics

  • Discover AI generated topics
  • Explore key trends of your industry
  • Create custom topics with your own rules

Customer-Centric Organizations

  • Establish team KPIs from multi-channel customer feedback.
  • Track performance trends.
  • Receive anomaly alerts.

Broaden Your Team's Horizon

  • Create teams and share insights, dashboards, KPIs
  • Fully adjustable Team KPI view for every team
  • Manage teams, accounts and
    quotas dynamically

Store and Present Insights

  • Generate customized reports for any dashboard
  • Save trends as insight notes

Manage & Analyze Data

  • Specify which keywords, products or brand you would like to analyze
  • Analyze internal data without requiring
    any integration
  • Analyze continuously expanding internal data with API-based integration

Get Support When You Need It

  • Learn from Knowledge Center, videos, and tutorials
  • Get Pivony Insight Manager's help when required
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Conversation Topics

Start capturing insights in less then 30 minutes

Thanks to our AI engine's adaptive learning feature and tailor-made dashboards, you will catch social insights that you were not aware before.

Fixed Categories View

You can choose a specific industry to obtain industry-specific topics

AI Patterns View

In this view, get ready to discover predicted contextual conversation groups

User-defined Categories

You can create custom topics at anytime after your dashboard is created and define KPIs to track.

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that can integrate directly with Pivony

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