What do gen Z want?

What Do Gen Z Want?

What do Gen Z want? 

Ready to discover what's being said about Gen Z and gain incredible insights? Pivony Consumer Intelligence Platform has analyzed more than 46,000 tweets.

In this blog, you will find people's tweets, sentiment analysis rates, hot terms and top worlds and much more. If you're ready, let's get started:

It is possible to see that the Gen Z is keeping the pulse of all sectors by simply observing. This hyper-informed and hyper-connected Gen Z continues to set the trends for everyone. As these young people become the largest consumer group, all industries need to learn to hear their voices to meet their expectations and demands. 

That's why the Pivony Consumer Intelligence Platform takes a deep dive into Gen Z's taste in music and fashion and what they expect as a team contributor.

Gen Z's Taste in Fashion & Music 

It is possible to follow almost all the expectations of this young group, from their musical tastes to their fashion sense, on social media. skinny jeans are no longer fashionable? Has a series become wildly popular? Maybe you can catch these trends by spending quite a long time on social media. But there will always be hidden insights.

As an alternative you could use an omni-channel platform such as Pivony to be the first to see the changes and trends in your industry and take action.

As a result of Pivony Consumer Insight Platform's research, data showing the hot terms and top words among the topics most talked about by Gen Z.

GEN Z | Fashion

One of the most talked about topics by Gen Z is fashion. Gen Z is bringing back some old-fashioned clothes and accessories.

Skinny and high-rise jeans are outdated now. Gen Z prefers low-rise wide jeans. While some people admire this new fashion trend, some are complaining about it.

Yoga Pants, ”flare leggings” as gen z called, are coming back to fashion again.  Even though older generations admire that yoga pants are popular again, they refuse to call them to flare leggings as the new generation says.

Creating a fashion industry for Gen Z requires mastering the new dictionary; Sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity. In the age of social media, we witness international fashion chains that do not show sensitivity to these topics, do not address certain dimensions, and do not represent all genders or races, losing their value rapidly, decreasing their sales, and being judged on social media.

So, whatever your product is try to be more inclusive and gender-neutral in your production and marketing campaign. It could be a revolution in fashion to produce gender-neutral clothes.

GEN Z | Music

Compared to other generations, Gen Z, which has a wide range of areas to reach music and explore different styles, is more intertwined with music than ever before. 

Social media platforms such as TikTok are making these popular musics even more popular all over the world.

So it's no surprise that we've been seeing K-pop music in big companies' TikTok video campaigns lately. 

GEN Z | Team Contributor

The different perspectives of Gen Z, the first social generation to grow up by accessing the internet and portable digital technologies from an early age, are also changing their working environments.

As a result of Pivony Consumer Insight Platform's research, data showing the hot terms and top words among the topics most talked about by Gen Z.

This generation, also known as "zoomers" among the people, has already entered the working environment.

The remainings complain about Gen Z's short attention span. Business owners can try creative strategies for the way they work and extend Gen Z's attention span by organizing happy hours.

Gen Z values work-life balance, flexibility in work and mental health more than ever. Success is not only related to work in life anymore, but it is also related to balance, mental health and social life.

If you want to learn about the trends in your field of interest and discover what is being talked about, you can analyze the target audience in less than 30 minutes with Pivony.

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