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Why Pivony Is The Perfect Tool For Understanding The Customers?

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Why Pivony Is The Perfect Tool For Understanding The Customers?

If you are looking for a tool that enables you to get the most out of social information you are in the right place. Pivony uses Al-Engine Technology to take your customer journey into another level. Sales improvement and a customer-centric value is what we are offering to you.

  1. Why has the importance of social platforms increased?
  2. Why should you use social media research?
  3. Why Pivony?
  4. Why should you trust Pivony?

Why has the importance of social platforms increased?

We are living in the fast growing big data age. At every step of our daily life, intentionally or unintentionally, we are dropping our digital footprints everywhere.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can play a STRATEGIC ROLE in three ways:

  1. Support and improve decision-making and strategic control
  2. Influence or be the determining factor in the success of business strategy

Permit the creation of information assets which may be used a very powerful company resource.

Internet has increased the importance and complexity of customer satisfaction, that’s why human review data can be chaotically and unevenly distributed on many data streams. Since the number of online opinions has grown rapidly and inordinately, companies need more efficient and sustainable way to analyze customer needs by tracking conversations and reviews.

  • Internet is the backbone of our society.
  • Widespread access to connected devices (e.g. personal computers, digital audio/video recorders, webcams, smartphones and wearable devices) allows consumers around the world to create and share content.
  • Currently, Internet users are about 4.4 billion, 57% of the world’s population.
  • Most of them (about 3.5 billion), or 45% of the world’s population, are active on at least one social network.
  • The penetration rate of mobile users is 67% worldwide.

Why should you use social media research?

Social media offers new sources of data/information that previously was very complicated to obtain (if not impossible).
Social media research includes any form of research that uses data from social media sources.

Social media research can:  

  • Influence many decisions: ideas for developing a new product, reference market information user reviews, concept for new campaigns
  • Keep track of quotes from competing brands
  • Provide feedback on how a communication related to the brand has been received.

Why Pivony?

Customers share every part of their life on Internet: their preferences, habits, opinions, and feedback are available information that companies don’t consider for their goals. Pivony, a social insights and engagement platform helps you find this valuable information to figure out the needs and expectations of your existing or potential customers and to analyze competition through their social activities. By using Big Data technologies and AI algorithms on different social media channels, Pivony put at your disposal complete and useful insights in just a few hours.


The main function is Pivony TopicScope application, with which companies and brands can directly focus on the key conversation and social media research topics that matter most for their business. Gathering data around a specific topic allows you to uncover new trends, improve products or services as well as the entire business, prevent a crisis, and satisfy and prioritize customers’ needs. Each topic chosen is put into a dashboard called Dashboard, which provides easy-to-use functionalities to produce insights. It’s a fully automated process containing the steps of data gathering, preprocessing, NLP, trends generation, AI and domain-specific topics. The Dashboard provides information about the sentiment individuals have about the topic, including the hot terms and top words.

(Add video of tutorial of how to create a Dashboard)

Click here to see the Dashboard we created on Cruelty-free or for CoinBase

The main channels Pivony can analyze are:

  • Social media comments from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
  • Mobile app reviews from Google Play and App Store: reviews are public statements of what consumers think about your company, they are actually underestimated since one single review can elevate a business conversion by 15% (Source Pissed Consumer Complaint). Taking them into consideration allows you to implement the right strategy for your business and effectively obtain positive results
  • Internal data sources from Zendesk Ticket and Surveys: you can identify the main cases of customer complaints

How can you use it?

  1. Choose the main data stream
  2. Let Pivony analyze data
  3. Implement results
  4. Create user segments: group users based on their concerns and needs
  5. Take action and engage with your audience

You can see how Pivony uncovered reports of different companies like Deliveroo, H&M and HSBC UK to highlight the value Pivony can bring to your company.

Benefits of Pivony

  • Keep up with innovative technologies by using AI
  • Become more customer-centric: listen actively
  • Understand and satisfy customers’ needs
  • Engage with the audience
  • Keep up-to-date analyses of your competitors and their main topics: you can figure out the blind spots, your strengths and opportunities
  • Save time and money: you can gain results in a few hours presented by filtering out the noise typical of social listening platforms that make you waste time and energy
  • Conduct research you can effectively take advantage of in the communication process
  • Make your communication efforts be worthy
  • Broaden your company’s perspective

Why should you trust Pivony?

  • We have been ranked as one of the 13 most innovative business intelligence startups and companies in Delaware by Data Magazine
  • We have received funding from the Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK)
  • We spent 8 months in one of the best Startup Incubation Programs ITU Çekirdek and boosted our growth by joining Europe’s best B2B SaaS Accelerator Program and Network Startup Wise Guys.
  • Microsoft is another company that thinks Pivony is a very promising startup in its vertical. We joined the GrowthX Accelerator program organized by Microsoft.
  • We helped YW Istanbul Creative Marketing Agency to create data-driven brand strategies for its brands.
  • Pivony is the central Voice of Customer Analytics platform of Vodafone.

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