Brand Reputation Analysis

Approach your brand from the consumer's perspective. Prevent potential crises and manage your brand reputation by prioritizing consumers' sentiment and thoughts about your brand.

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Be aware of crises and take immediate action.

A crisis can hit any organization at any time, and decision makers must act with a data-driven approach. With Pivony's instant and real-time alert feature that notifies you of unusual changes, you can prevent a crisis before it happens.

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See your brand through the eyes of the consumer.

See how your brand is positioned in the market by observing the thoughts and feelings of consumers. Get the industry insights you need to track your brand success.

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Build consumer trust.

Take the right actions against the demands and requests of your existing customers by observing what is being said about your brand from a bird's eye view.

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Customer Experience, Brand Reputation Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Market Research and Campaign Strategy.

Understand your customers and take action with Pivony's AI capabilities.

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