The Best Omni-channel VoC Analytics Platform

From e-commerce product reviews to app reviews, social media posts to online forums discussions, Excel files to Zendesk tickets...

Pivony will auto-capture the conversation patterns and highlights the key things in the collected data.


Data Size and Variety Is Not a Problem

Millions of text-based consumer opinions can be processed by the Pivony AI engine. The highly scalable platform will save months, and years while empowering you with the most important insights.

Pivony's AI capabilities are compatible with short-text to the long-text type of unstructured text. 


Built for Customer-centric Leaders

We simplify and expedite market/customer research by offering an easy-to-use online tool that analyzes and extracts the very essence in consumers' voice.

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Create an Insight Culture in your Organization

Tech-savvy or not, all departments will get benefit from the Voice of Customer analysis.
You can even set alert thresholds and send automated notifications to the corresponding team leaders.


Create your own dashboards

Without any prior training, you'll instantly see hidden conversations, categories, and characterized with time and ratings.

Get a bird's eye view as well as dive deep into what people are saying and how they are expressing their experiences.

The deepest insight tool available on the market

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Anytime, anywhere

Create your dashboards on your mobile, tablet and browse all analytics reports in your mobile browser. With Pivony, finding insights will become your daily habit.

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Fetch Consumer Reviews from Multiple Data Sources

From Insights Discovery to Action-Taking


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The deepest insight tool available on the market

Read our G2 reviews