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Pivony is positioned as a strategic partner in Vodafone's Customer Experience Program "HayHay."

Through an interactive panel called "What My Customer Says " Pivony's artificial intelligence technology allowed Vodafone employees to analyze the voices of its customers in their online and offline data streams and generate important insights in a much easier and actionable way.

About Vodafone

Vodafone Turkey is the second biggest mobile communication company in Turkey, with 20.6 million users as of 11 November 2014, an increase of 105,000 customers from the fourth quarter of 2011.

As the second most significant direct international investment of Turkey, the total investment of Vodafone Turkey, including the acquisitions, since 2006 has exceeded TL 11 billion.

Vodafone Turkey operates in 81 cities of Turkey with approximately more than 3300 employees, more than 1200 stores, 23 thousand points of sale, and a stakeholder family of 53 thousand people.

Challenges faced by Vodafone


Spend a lot of time identifying customer needs and industry trends with manual tracking.


Making decisions based on assumptions with traditional methods.


Loss of customers as a result of campaigns and decisions made without listening to customers' voices.


Being late in responding to crises that may arise from sudden changes in the dynamic nature of the sector.


"We aimed for Vodafone to minimize the empathy gap that may arise between them and their customers. Thanks to our investment in Natural Language Processing and Understanding, a field of Artificial Intelligence, we digitized understanding of the consumer."

Emre Çalışır
Co-Founder & CEO, Pivony


Won awards in the field of customer experience.

In collaboration with Pivony, Vodafone were awarded the "gold winner" at the International Business Excellence Awards 2023 under the "Best Use of Customer Insight and Feedback" heading. Vodafone also won 4 gold from TCXA'22.

A culture of insight was created within the team.

By sharing the dashboards they created with the relevant team members; They have created a culture that is far from the Silo effect, which creates a disconnected, uncommunicative and harmful way of working.

Insights converted to KPI's.

They turned the insights from the conversations that Pivony analyzed with the support of artificial intelligence into important KPIs for the company.

Competitor analysis was made with dynamic dashboards.

Pivony's advanced features that allow you to analyze competitors enabled Vodafone to quickly see its position in the sector and to focus on improvements by discovering the company's strengths and weaknesses.

With Pivony’s warning feature, they immediately noticed the crises that could occur in the dynamic structure of the industry

Alerts are forwarded to the team as soon as significant opportunities or potential crises arise, even when not logged into Pivony.

"We believe that our partnership with Pivony will provide significant gains for our company in creating happy customers. We listen closely to our customers and focus on empathizing with them."

Hande Kozlu Gültakan
Head of Customer Experience &
UX Design,Vodafone

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