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5 Marketing Ideas to Kickstart the New Year: Key Learnings From Public Conversations

5 Marketing Ideas to Kickstart the New Year: Key Learnings From Public Conversations


This article is based on “new year” research using more than 60 thousand public tweets. Conversations and ideas about the new year encouraged us to comment on marketing strategies. If companies keep in mind what people emphasize, they can use it in their marketing strategy and reduce the empathy gap by being more customer-centric. 

It is possible to see AI patterns and comment on people’s approaches around the subject using Pivony. It helps businesses to see the customers’ wants and needs by making sense of consumer data. 

Pivony's Conversation Board Interface

Here are the 5 steps we recommend after analyzing the public opinion: 

1. Make a vision board and new year resolutions list for your company and share them with your audience. 

A Vision board is a collage of images and words representing a person's wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation. 

New Year's resolution is a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year.

Entering the new year, people like to share with others their intention to create a vision board for 2023. Moreover, they enjoy sharing their fulfillment after they complete their vision boards too. You may also create vision boards and new year resolution lists for your company and share them with followers to build bridges upon.  

  • So that, you could be more transparent and trustworthy for customers.
  • You could be more passionate about the goals once you manifest them.
  • These times of the year could be a good time to see how the company is doing with self-criticism and setting new goals.
  • You may consider sharing your vision board not only on Twitter but also on Linkedin. 

This is our vision board!

You can create your vision board using the template here.

2.  Emphasize the importance of family and friends in your marketing campaigns.

One of the main topics discussed on Twitter was family and friends. Christmas is a time of the year when people want to spend time with their loved ones. Twitter users usually emphasized the importance of family and friends and one of the most common new year's resolutions was to spend more time with family and friends. 

If you have products used by end-consumers, you can use this in your marketing strategy. Emphasize the importance of family and friends, and put forward the family and friend side of your products.

3. Time of Acknowledgement. Social media users are self-confident during this period of the year to share their unaccomplished goals with others. Show your audience how they could reach their goals by working with your company.

People tend to criticize themselves at the end of the year. So they notice their successes and failures and make some decisions to be better next year. You can remind them how would it be if they were your customer in 2022 and motivate them to be one in 2023. Whatever your business is, you should emphasize how you increase your customers’ well-being. People want money, happiness, joy, peace, good health, and time with family and friends. So whatever your business is, you should support them in at least one of these aspects. 

4. People tend to be positive about next year. So, give positive vibes and be optimistic!

Sentiment analysis is a method to extract the sentiment of a text. Thanks to the Pivony consumer insights platform, it is possible to analyze sentiment about any topic on social media. When it comes to new year's research, it was observed that people tend to be positive about this subject. Considering this tendency to be positive, marketing campaigns may use more positivity and optimism than at other times of the year. 

5.  As Twitter users say: “Life is a roller coaster.”. So, remind people that you are always on their side to give full support.

Roller coaster is commonly used as a metaphor, and it expresses “there are both ups and downs “. So true, considering what we lived in 2022. 

Twitter users evaluate last year as a roller coaster. You can use this in your marketing campaign by reminding your target audience that life is a roller coaster and you are going to empower them with what you offer. Remind them what they can achieve by using your products or services.

Paying attention to people’s wants and needs could not only elevate your business but could also help you reach your potential customers by doing better marketing campaigns. There are many platforms to see comments and conversations about a brand or a product. Pivony consumer insights platform helps you to uncover key consumer insights from internal and external data streams that contain text conversations. These data streams could be social media platforms, mobile apps, e-commerce websites, online forums, and more. By diving deeper into conversation patterns with AI, you will begin to capture critical insights for your business and market. Start using Pivony in 2023 to be one step closer to your target audience! 

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