Etstur chooses Pivony's Consumer Intelligence Platform to enhance guest experiences.

We’re proud to announce that Etstur has chosen Pivony’s customer intelligence platform to enhance their guests' experiences.

This partnership aims to empower Etstur to utilize Pivony's platform disruptively, to gain deeper insights into their guests’ preferences, needs, and expectations and crafting as well as delivering highly personalized and relevant travel experiences. Furthermore, this collaboration fosters a spirit of innovation and teamwork, enabling both companies to share ideas, feedback, and best practices.

We truly value Etstur for their dedicated efforts in creating enhanced experiences for their guests. It's heartening to see a commitment to delivering exceptional service and making every guest feel special.

We hope that together, Etstur and Pivony create a dynamic and innovative travel experience  that delivers more value, choice, and satisfaction to their guests, and sets a new standard for guest intelligence in the travel industry.

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