Pivony Voice of Customers Analytics Platform has been entitled to participate in TIM-TEB Startup House program!

The aim of TİM-TEB Startup Houses is to develop and strengthen innovativestartups and entrepreneurial enterprises with high added value and export potential in the provinces where they are located.

The Startup Houses model, the first step of which was taken by the Turkish Economy Bank in Istanbul in 2013, started to spread to different corners of our country with the participation of the Turkish Exporters Assembly in 2015. TİM-TEB Entrepreneurship Houses, which reached the target of operating in 10 provinces in a short time as a result of intensive work, contributes to the development struggle of our country in the fields of entrepreneurship, technology and export.

TİM-TEB Startup Houses provide office, mentorship, network, and training support to startups without any financial expectation. In addition to these, 71,000 exporting companies that are members of TİM and more than 400,000 SMEs and corporate companies in TEB's customer base are offered to entrepreneurs as a strong network.

TEB makes 2% of its annual purchases from TIM-TEB Startup Houses. In addition, a wide commercialization opportunity is offered to startups by accessing the board of directors and members of 61 Exporters' Associations affiliated with TİM. TÜBİTAK BIGG 1512 emphasizes that it evaluates credibility for the future, not the past, by offering letters of guarantee and interest-free loans to all entrepreneurs who receive 1512 support.

Pivony Co-Founder and CEO Emre Çalışır expressed his excitement for TİM-TEB participation as follows;

"We are excited to announce that the Pivony Voice of the Customer Analytics Platform has been selected to participate in the TIM-TEB Startup House Program! As Pivony, we believe understanding the voice of the customer is crucial for any business that wants to grow and be successful. We believe that we will accelerate our growth and take our business to the next level with the support of TİM-TEB Startup Houses. TIM-TEB Startup Houses, thank you for believing in our vision and supporting us on our way out!"

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