Pivony's Exciting Time at Slush: Making Friends and Talking Innovation

At the lively Slush event, Pivony was right in the middle of things, chatting with investors and cool B2C companies. Our booth, tagged as F4 and close to the Startup Studio, was buzzing with excitement. We were all about tackling the Empathy Gap problem, aiming to make things better for everyone. Investors found new ideas, and B2C leaders joined hands to make customer experiences even better.

The Pivony Adventure at Slush:

Picture our booth as a tech hotspot amid the busy Slush crowd. We were there to talk about our cool ideas and solutions, especially focusing on the Empathy Gap. Being near the Startup Studio meant we were in the thick of discussions about the challenges and opportunities in today's business world. And there's more exciting news to share! We're thrilled to announce that Pivony was recognized among the Slush Top 100 startups. This acknowledgment adds another layer of validation to our commitment to innovation and empathy.

Making Friends with Investors:

Our time at Slush wasn't just about showing off our stuff. We really wanted to connect with investors who believed in our vision for a friendlier and more user-focused future. The talks at our booth were all about how our ideas could make a real difference. Investors saw the potential and wanted to be part of the journey to make business more empathetic. Moreover, our encounters with investors at Slush were particularly noteworthy, with a significant focus on those hailing from the MENA and APAC regions. These regional connections added a unique dimension to our aspirations, as we look forward to fostering impactful collaborations that transcend geographical boundaries.

Hanging Out with B2C Leaders:

Next door to our booth, the Startup Studio was abuzz with B2C leaders looking for exciting possibilities. We jumped right in, talking to these cool companies and teaming up to make customer experiences awesome. It wasn't just about our success – it was about everyone working together to fix the Empathy Gap.

Wrapping Up the Fun:

Slush 2023 wasn't just another event for Pivony. Our booth at F4 was where we got into real talks about the future. We shared ideas about fixing the Empathy Gap and made connections with investors and B2C leaders. These weren't just quick talks; they were the start of working together to make business friendlier and more about the people. Looking back, we're excited about what's next – a future where cool ideas and caring about people come together to make things better for everyone.

Here are the news mentioning about our participation.

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